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The Brutus Gate, A Bailey Crane Mystery Billy Ray Chitwood

The Brutus Gate, A Bailey Crane Mystery

Published January 12th 2012
Kindle Edition
380 pages
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 About the Book 

THE BRUTUS GATE - A Bailey Crane Mystery (BOOK 3 in the series) - Lakes face was the face of a memory my mind carried, a face with no discernible sign of hope, a face with no sign of soul.This tale begins with a raging warehouse fire that nearly consumes our southern sleuth with the Cherokee blood. A thug arrested in connection to the fire is overheard muttering a cryptic phrase, beware The Brutus Gate. The fire and the phrase is the start point of this story about drugs, murder, rape and political corruption at governments elite levels. Bailey Crane and his Phoenix PD buddies have a chuckle about the pithy Brutus Gate remark and the adventure begins. Our Sherlock hero gets bounced around by the criminal elements and by his own personal demons of guilt and remorse --- all standard fare for the Tennessee man of endless mind queries about his emotions and the state of his life. The action is keen, and the climax comes on an old ranch on the Mexican border just south of Yuma, Arizona. This is likely a romp you dont want to miss.The Brutus Gate - A Bailey Crane Mystery is Book 3 in the Bailey Crane Mystery Series. Each Bailey Crane book can be read independently of the other. There is the natural progression of the central character in each succeeding book (aging, loves, experiences).