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A qué llamamos amor Isa González Bretón

A qué llamamos amor

Published 2011
79 pages
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 About the Book 

Personally, Im not a big fan of narrative books. They are certainly easier to read when they have short stories though, as in this case. Despite of that, when every single one is centered on sex perversions, instead of it being the unifying topic, it becomes a simplistic, boring excuse to print a book. I wont deny that within a certain context and inside a more postmodernist circle, these stories might be of some value, but for most ordinary readers, they can be considered barely erotic texts.It is fairly evident that the stories enclosed in this book are still experimental. Mixing both grammatical persons and classical sex themes alike (the innocent and then abused girl or the dominant femme fatale just to mention a couple), it ends up looking as a set of composition drafts. The only thing to thank is the inclusion of local details in the descriptions.At first I thought the stories were so brief they couldnt end properly. In the end I really appreciated they were so.